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Justice Served: Punishment for Tainted Minds
2017-07-17 - 21h44

A resolution has finally come for the Australian organization that was shown to be treating it's players in an unfair manner. We're here to discuss what they were found guilty of, and what they were charged for their transgressions. 

If you were to go on any League related forum today, you would have seen the community up in arms about an issue that was brought to light back in March. said issue has finally been resolved, and the OPL team Tainted Minds has finally received their jugement in the case of their treatment of some of their players.

Guilty as Charged

The players from TM have been making multiple accusations against the organization, and there were two large ones that they were found guilty of. Both the team and the coach were both supposed to be given computers for practicing/playing games. This never happened. The second issue was that multiple players were not paid for the third and fourth weeks of the season in a timely manner.

Riot gives teams a set amount of time to distribute funds after they pay teams. Tainted Minds did not pay the players within this window, and are being penalized for this. The players have also stated that they were not housed properly, but the organization was able to provide evidence that they were trying to move the team to a more stable location. The players have also stated that they attempted to pay for arbitration at an earlier date, but the organization refused to play ball.

What’s The Damage?

The total punishment for Tainted Minds was a fine of 7000 AUD, and six months of probation. The monetary breakdown is as follows:

- 5000 AUD for not paying players on time

- 2000 AUD for not providing proper equipment for players/coaches.

What This All Means

It goes without saying that, players need to realize their rights and check the fine print in their contracts. These players are all so young, and getting catapulted to eSports fame has to be a huge mental burden in and of itself. Riot is going to be policing its teams and leagues more securely in the future, as was stated in wake of the recent decision. Some of the wronged TM players do not feel the matter was taken far enough, and are pursuing further action. Keep an eye on this situation in case more is to come, and follow me at @goldcos on Twitter for any updates!